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AirPrizm Whole Home - 
The Behind The Scenes Purifier 

Your air purifier does a pretty good job - but it’s annoying to take from room to room. Not to mention, it doesn’t really match your decor. If only there was an invisible purifier that could clean the air throughout your entire house…

AirPrizm Whole Home is the solution you’ve been waiting for! This purifier installs directly into your existing HVAC system. This means it continuously cleans the air in your entire home, sight unseen.

A Longterm Solution

AirPrizm Whole Home lasts 4-5 years!



Earth Friendly 

Unlike most purifiers, AirPrizm Whole home doesn't use activated carbon.

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How It Works

Once AirPrizm Whole Home is  installed, dirty air will flow through your ductwork and into the device. There it passes through our special filter.


Using Photo-regenerative Adsorbent Technology (PAT)  the filter breaks down  allergens, odors, and pollutants. These contaminants are turned into harmless water and carbon dioxide. The clean air is then released back into your home

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  • Marker or pencil

  • 4 sheet metal screws (provided)

  • Drill, 1/2" drill bit

  • 5/16"or 8mm socket with drive attachment

  • Protective gloves

  • Tin snips  

Step 1: Choose The Installation Location

Turn off the power to your HVAC system. Choose a location on your HVAC system to install the unit. The unit must be installed downstream of the air filters. Do not install where the unit may come into contact with water. If you need assistance finding the correct installation location please call (503) - 605 - 1886.

Step 2: Mark The Spot

Draw a circle with a 4" diameter at the desired installation spot. You may use the round end of the AirPrizm to trace the circle - make sure this circle is slightly larger than the end of the AirPrizm.


Step 3: Drill and Cut
Ensure that the power to your HVAC system is off. 
Using the ½" bit, drill a hole on the perimeter of the traced circle. Use the tin snips to cut out the circle, using the drilled hole as your starting point. Holes in metal can be sharp, please wear protective gloves.


Step 4: Insert Unit
Insert the AirPrizm into the HVAC system.

Step 5: Secure Unit

Using the 5/16" or 8mm driver, drill the 4 sheet metal screws into the ducting.

Step 6: Power Up
Plug the unit into the outlet, and press the power button. The button will glow once the unit is on. Turn your HVAC back on and run the fan. Feel edges of unit to ensure a good seal. You may use duct-tape for extra sealing if needed.

Step 7: Enjoy!
Relax, you've earned it! 



  • Risk of electrical shock upon installation, care should be taken to reduce any risk of contact with bare wires or open circuits

  • Do not install the unit where it may come into contact with water (ex: beneath AC coils)

  • Make sure the HVAC system is powered off before drilling

  • Holes in metal can be sharp, take proper precautions while cutting

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