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Clean Air For You,

Clean Air For The Planet

Our journey began in 2015 when our team of scientists gathered to find a solution to the accumulation of toxic chemicals in the environment. The goal was to create a material capable of breaking down these pollutants. 


During our research at Portland State University, and with support from the National Science Foundation, Ditanium was created. This material has many applications, but it proved particularly useful at capturing indoor air pollutants and odors. AirPrizm Whole Home was created to utilize this ability. The Kitty-lytic Converter was later developed as a more targeted means of odor control

The Problem With Activated Carbon

Innovation in indoor air purification is sorely needed. Most air purifiers on the market use a material known as activated carbon.


It is created by mining coal or burning organic material. Activated carbon also needs to be replaced frequently. 


This causes major air pollution, ecological damage, and unnecessary wasteBeyond that, activated carbon leaks pollutants back into the air, making it harmful to your health. 

AirPrizm purifiers are the perfect alternative to activated carbon. They don't just clean your air; they also help preserve the health of the planet. AirPrizm lasts longer and uses sustainable production processes. It also captures environment-harming greenhouse gases.  


We are continuing to develop air-purifying technology to uphold our mission of clean air for all.

Activated Cabon


Nicholas Day received his bachelors in biochemistry from Michigan State University before researching age-related diseases at the Buck Institute in San Francisco. In 2015, Nick completed a PhD in chemistry from Portland State University.


During Nick’s time at the Buck Institute, he became interested in chronic skin illnesses. As Nick expanded his knowledge of biochemistry he noticed a correlation between indoor pollutants and the worsening symptoms of his own eczema. He later learned that indoor pollution rates have sky-rocketed, affecting the health of millions. 


Nick helped create AirPrizm as a solution to indoor air pollution. With AirPrizm, Nick hopes to improve indoor air quality for everyone.


Meet The Team


Nicholas Day


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Kate Bartschat

Content Marketing Manager

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Joshua Olsen

Technology Engineer

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