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Meet Meko, The Kitty-lytic Converter 

You love your cat, but their litter box? That’s another story. 

No matter how many windows you open or air fresheners you use, the litter box smell is always there.


You even worry that your friends might catch a whiff when they visit. Talk about a faux-paw!


Meko the Kitty-lytic Converter is here to save the day.


This 3D printed air purifier destroys odor particles at a molecular level, ensuring clean smelling air for you and your cat. 


Our research on PAT (the tech at the core of Meko's filters) is partially funded by the National Science Foundation 


A Longterm Solution

The Kitty-lytic Converter is built to last with easily replaceable filters


Earth Friendly 

Unlike most purifiers, the Kitty-lytic Converter doesn't use activated carbon

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What People Are Saying


"We love the kitty and it’s been on since it arrived. And it happened to arrive when my dog was sick and had a number of accidents in the house. Meko basically followed all the clean up spots and we were very pleased at how it got rid of the odor! We even left the house to let our nose reset while it ran and it really worked. The sick smell was gone. Thank you!"

Cindy S.

"I’ve had pets on and off for most of my life. I had finally gotten to the point where I hated pet smells so much that I had sworn off pets forever. Until I spent a weekend cat sitting for my daughter and her husband, who have a Kitty-lytic Converter. I couldn’t believe what a difference it made with the litter box! It worked so well I decided to signup to foster a cat the next week. Thank you AirPrizm for bringing furry friends back into my life!"


"The Meko cat box air purifier is a miracle because it actually works! I live in a cold climate, and have to keep the window cracked in my ‘kitty closet’ year round to avoid stinky box smell. I bought the Meko to see if it would help enough to keep the window closed, and it absolutely does! To test if it really works as promised I closed the window and avoided cleaning the box for a week (rude, I know). I then added the Meko to the room and noted a big difference the very next day. Such a relief that I won’t have to choose between smelly kitty closet and wasted energy this winter. I wish the Meko had been around when I lived in my tiny grad school apartment. I was constantly a little self conscious that people could ‘detect’ my cat even when she was hiding under the bed. 5/5"


Breathing Easy 

"Dust particles can worsen chronic airway diseases in cats, such as asthma.  To help lessen the exposure to these cats, I recommend the use of low-dust cat litter and air purifiers.  In addition, a lot of things can cause cats to go outside the litter box, keeping a clean and healthy environment in and around the litter box is essential for lowering the risk of this happening." - Rebecca Juvenal, DVM

A smell free litter box isn't the only benefit to using the Kitty-lytic Converter. It can also keep your cat healthy! Litter boxes generate a lot of dust - especially if your cat kicks their litter around. The Kitty-lytic Converter is equipped with a dust filter in addition to our patented odor removal technology. As it removes stinky litter odors it is also removing any airborne dust near the litter box! 

Air fresheners and scented litters are also possible irritants for your cat's lungs. By using the KC as an odor eliminating alternative you are making a healthier choice for your cat. 

Odor Destroying Technology

The Kitty-lytic Converter destroys odors using Photoregenerative Adsorbent Technology (PAT)

When dirty air enters the device it first passes through a HEPA filter which removes fur and other allergens. 

It then passes through the PAT filter. Activated by Blue LEDs, a chemical reaction takes place that turns odorants into water and carbon dioxide. Clean air is then cycled out of the converter. 

IMG_3171 3.heic


*Each unit comes with a filter pre-installed*

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