Our research on PAT (the tech at the core of Meko's filters) is partially funded by the National Science Foundation 


Meet Meko, The Kitty-lytic Converter (Beta Version)

You love your cat, but their litter box? That’s another story. 

No matter how many windows you open or air fresheners you use, the litter box smell is always there. You even worry that your friends might catch a whiff when they visit. Talk about a faux-paw!


Meko the Kitty-lytic Converter is here to save the day. This 3D printed air purifier destroys odor particles at a molecular level, ensuring clean smelling air for you and your cat. 


A Longterm Solution

The Kitty-lytic Converter is built to last with easily replaceable filters


Earth Friendly 

Unlike most purifiers, the Kitty-lytic Converter doesn't use activated carbon


The original Meko!

girl holding cat Meko page_edited.jpg

No More Pet Smells


"I’ve had pets on and off for most of my life. I had finally gotten to the point where I hated pet smells so much that I had sworn off pets forever. Until I spent a weekend cat sitting for my daughter and her husband, who have a Kitty-lytic Converter.


I couldn’t believe what a difference it made with the litter box! It worked so well I decided to signup to foster a cat the next week. Thank you AirPrizm for bringing furry friends back into my life!" Cindy S.

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Odor Destroying Technology

The Kitty-lytic Converter destroys odors using Photoregenerative Adsorbent Technology (PAT)

When dirty air enters the device it first passes through a HEPA filter which removes fur and other allergens. 

It then passes through the PAT filter. Activated by Blue LEDs, a chemical reaction takes place that turns odorants into water and carbon dioxide. Clean air is then cycled out of the converter. 

The Inspiration

Our CEO Nicholas Day is passionate about clean air for everyone (including cats!)


While developing PAT to combat air pollution, Nick noticed it was particularly efficient at removing bad smells. As a life-long cat lover he immediately thought about his cat Meko's stinky litter box. 

Meko is a sweet 16 year old senior kitty who has a talent for

making unpleasant smells. Sure enough, the PAT worked. 

Nick decided to name AirPrizm’s kitty-lytic converter after Meko. After all, Without Meko’s er...contributions there would be no converter!

Nick is excited to share his discovery with all the cat parents out there seeking a stinky litter box solution.